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Credit Repair Service

We've helped many clients fix their credit in 90 days*

Your trusted partner in credit restoration: Elevate your score, rebuild your financial confidence, and secure your tomorrow with our proven credit repair solutions*

Client Reviews

We've established a 5-star rating from our current and past customers. Join them in getting the credit score that can save you thousands of dollars in interest savings alone!

“After experiencing the exceptional services of 90 Day Credit Experts firsthand, I was confident in referring a friend to them. From the very beginning, they displayed a remarkable level of reliability as a credit repair company…seeing the positive results and witnessing the difference they made, I had no hesitation in recommending 90 Day Credit Experts as a truly reliable option for credit repair.” -David


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Why We Are Different Than Other Credit Repair Companies!

We don't charge a month to month fee with no end in site. We have a Unique Process and Warranty. 

Having a higher credit score can help you get access to better interest rates and terms for loans, credit cards, and other financial products.

Our team has been successful with improving CREDIT SCORES by at least 100-Points within 90 Days!

Use your higher credit rating to lower interest rates on auto, home, credit cards, student loans, and more!

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Negative Items Removed To Date

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Credit Report Debt Removed To Dateˣ

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Our Unique Credit Repair Proven Process

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During the initial review, we'll examine your credit profile collaboratively to identify any  negative items that may be adversely impacting your credit score.

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Following the analysis, we engage with the credit bureaus and your creditors, disputing for their removal from your credit report.

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As you proactively manage your credit, our commitment to your financial well-being extends beyond the initial repair. We persistently address any emerging credit issues, ensuring the ongoing restoration of your credit health.



Questions? Contact Us

We are here to assist you with all of your credit Contact us by phone, email, or via our contact us. 

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