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Credit Dispute Rejected? Here's What to Do Next

Credit Dispute Rejected? Here’s What to Do Next:

If you’ve filed your dispute correctly, the credit bureau will contact the company that reported the information and notify them of the dispute. The source of the information, usually a lender, then reviews its records and tells the credit bureau to update the information, delete the information or verify that it is accurate as reported.

Sandra Bernardo, manager of consumer education at credit bureau Experian, said. “If the results state the information was verified, that means that the creditor did not agree that the information was in error."

But this doesn’t mean it’s a final decision.

Experian concurred: If you keep submitting the same dispute without adding additional evidence, it can be punted back to you and declared “frivolous.” But “if a person has new documentation that verifies their dispute, it would no longer be frivolous and the dispute would be processed. Of course, it would have to be new relevant information,” said Bernardo. Also, if you have an entirely different reason for a dispute for the same account, you can submit the information as many times as you have a different reason.

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Prymus Green
Prymus Green
Jun 29, 2023

I'm trying to pay my bill can someone call me thanks

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