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Our Warranty

To ensure the best results we wanted to remind you about our 100-Point Warranty! In order to keep your Warranty Active, Below are the listed requirements during our process:


  • Keep your Credit Monitoring site open and active for the minimum of 90 days or until the warranty is met

  • DO NOT apply for any new Credit (Hard Inquiries)

  • DO NOT Increase your Credit Card Balances

  • DO NOT add any new Derogatory Items (Late Payments, Collections, Repos, etc..)

We understand everyones credit situation is different. By following these requirements above, you will see the maximum results from our program! Rest assured we are working as quickly and effectively as possible to get you the best results! If you have any questions you may contact your account manager through your client portal.

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Got it.. Thanks again " THIS was explained as well when I took the initiative to seek your services by agent MILA..

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