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Credit Repair
Affiliate Program

Help others fix their credit and save money while earning unlimited commissions for every referral that signs up! 

How it Works

Becoming a Credit Repair Affiliate

Utilize your current clientele if you are a loan or mortgage broker by referring your clients to help them save money or qualify for higher loans by helping them fix their credit! You help them save money and have a better financial future while earning extra income. 

We especially love working with business in these industries:

  • Tax Professionals

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Car Salesman

  • Door to Door Companies

  • Financial Planners & Advisors

  • Solar Companies

  • Security Sales

Sign Up
How did you hear about us?

Easy way to earn extra income

As an insurance broker, one of the major factors in getting my customers the best rates possible is their credit score. By signing up to be an affiliate I've been able to save my clients money, offer them better service, and make extra money! 5/5 would recommend.

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