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Don't Forget! Your Payments Can Help or Hurt You!

Many Americans don't get credit for making on time payments. Removing negative items is only half the battle. It's kind of like going to the gym for a few hours then coming home and eating a dozen of donuts right after ;) But who hasn't done that right?

It is very important to make your payments on time so it can help your credit situation. Even if your are 30 Days late that could drop your Credit Scores 60-100 Points.. Nice thing about our world is we have something called AUTOPAY. If you dont know, Autopay is a tool many Americans use daily to make monthly payments without even doing anything. You set it up once and then let the payments easily be made on its own.

Please be smart and don't forget to make your payments on time! Check with your local bank or credit union if you are not familiar with auto pay.


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Jeffrey Times
Jeffrey Times

Got it thanks I try to do this with all my bills


"Got it.. Thanks 👍

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