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What makes our disputing process unique?

What makes our disputing process unique?

It Does Not matter, if you have 5 negative items or 500 negative items, we dispute all of your negative items at one time. 99% of Credit Repair companies will only dispute 1-2 negative items per month per credit report, which can take years to even dispute all of your negative items!!

We use the EQUIFAX Data Breach to back our Disputes!

In 2017, Equifax had a Data Breach that impacted 148 million Credit Reports and personal information. Using the Equifax Data Breach results in a very high success rate when disputing negative items. You can also be REFUNDED for every dollar spent towards Credit Repair if you were impacted by this Data Breach. Click the link below to find out if you were impacted! If you were impcated contact your Account Manager to help you with the refund process!

Equifax Data Breach:

We use the FTC to back our Disputes!

We believe in the laws and we believe in the statues of the FCRA. Rather than using a basic 609 letter we use the FTC and the FCRA to hold the credit bureaus accountable to the standard in which the law was intended.


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