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What to Expect Throughout our Program!

By this time you have completed your welcome call, received your tracking numbers for your disputes, and now you are anxious to see the results! We wanted to simply explain how our process works and what to expect while working with us! Here are some things to keep in mind!


  • The Credit Bureaus have up to 90 days to respond back to our disputes. We want results as fast as you do. We would much rather work with happy clients then frustrated clients.. so we get it.

2. Responses from Credit Bureaus

  • You may receive emails from and physical mail from the Credit Bureaus if and when you receive these communications, you don't need to respond. We will handle all the communications for you!


  • We NEED you to keep your Credit Monitoring site active throughout our process. The only way we can give you updates is if we can access your credit report every 30 days! Please make sure your debit or credit card is updated at all times so we can have access to your credit reports.


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